In the past, cowboy boots were made to keep cowboys protected when riding their horses and herding cattle. Because of western radio shows and cowboy movies, by the 1920s, western type boots became a fashion item. Cowboy boots are still popular today and come in a variety of styles and colors. Understanding what to look for when selecting boots may help you find a pair that is comfortable and fits your personal style.

Pick a style category. Cowboy boots come in countless styles. A wide variety of options is great for finding the pair of boots that are just right for you but it can make the search rather daunting. Begin by deciding which of the two common categories of boot styles best fits your needs:

  • Traditional Boots are designed for daily utilitarian use in places like a farm. These boots are designed to be broken in and worn every day.
  • Fashion Boots are the type one might usually find in high-end retail stores. These boots are designed to look a certain way, but you may compromise longevity for the style.

Choose a material. Cowboy boots come in a number of materials, each suited for a different purpose. Some are well suited for hard work in muddy fields while others may not be able to get wet. It’s important that you choose a material that will suit your needs while wearing boots.

  • Traditional leather cowboy boots can be extremely tough and long-lasting, but you can also find very soft leather that requires more maintenance.
  • Cowboy boots are commonly made of alligator and snakeskin. They aren’t necessarily any tougher than leather, but they can make a great fashion statement.
  • Artificial materials are often extremely resilient to moisture and offer fashion styles and designs not commonly found in traditional leather boots.

Choose a color. Cowboy boots come in every color of the rainbow, so having a color in mind will make shopping for your new boots much easier. Most traditional leather boots come in black or brown, but fashion boots come in many materials that allow for different colors and color schemes.

  • Black and brown boots go with almost anything. When it comes to matching your boots with the other items in your wardrobe, black and brown will provide the most options.
  • Bright colors are a great way to set you, and your boots, apart from the crowd.
  • Boot covers are available at many retailers, allowing you to cover much of your boots with a different color or design.

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