Since the mid-19th century Americans have had a love affair with steak. Our long lasting relationship has come a long way though from the days of beefsteak banquets and chophouses. While the modern day steakhouse looks and feels much different than its early predecessors, one thing still remains no matter where you take a seat. How will you answer the question, “ How would like that cooked?” If you’re like most people, you probably respond to this question the way you always have, the way someone told you to. This learned response usually has no basis for why you want you steak cooked a certain way. It’s the 21st century. When you say, “ I want mine medium please,” speak it with confidence.

The choice is yours to make, so make an educated one. Take some time. Sample different temperatures so that you formulate your own opinion of what it is that you want. Knowing the complex nature of taste, we figure you could use some help.

For starters (no food pun intended), have a look at the chart so you can get an idea of the visual range of steak doneness. Consider it a rough guideline of what to watch for, next time you’re asked, “How would you like that cooked?”

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