Eating out has gained a bad rep over the years from health aficionados and the fiscally conservative. Enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or go on a week-long diet to make up for what you ate. Here are some examples of why you should decide to visit a local establishment instead of dining at home.

Save Time and Effort

Perhaps you simply had a long day at work and don’t feel up to organizing and cooking a meal for the entire family, or maybe you’re a young bachelor who never learned how to cook. In this fast paced society, some nights it just might not make sense to cook a meal. Being able to hop in a car and drive to a location in a matter of minutes where food can be cooked for you is a commodity. Let someone else do the work for you without sacrificing your time. The convenience of eating out cannot be overstated.

Fellowship with Family and Friends

Going to a restaurant is an experience in itself. Our culture emphasizes eating as a communal event; something that should be shared with friends and family. Heading out to dinner to celebrate an event is a fun and relaxing activity for everyone involved. The ambience at a restaurant can lighten the mood and be a catalyst for healthy conversation between you and the people you care about.

Portion Control

When eating at home, the temptation is always there to add unhealthy food to a meal or pile on the extras since everything is at your fingertips. When eating out, you generally have a good idea of what you’re ordering and how much comes with it. It will be less tempting to order additional food and you can always bring the leftovers home for later. Utilize a leftover strategy to control your portions when eating at a restaurant to stay healthy.

Support Local Business

Each time you eat out, you are supporting the local economy. A restaurant likely employs dozens of workers from the community that appreciate job security. These people are paid for the work they do from the check at the end of a meal. Restaurants need cooks, waiters, bus boys, and dishwashers in order to provide a pleasurable dining experience. This exchange of service is vital for a local economy to thrive and prosper.

Sample New Cuisines

Restaurants offer a chance to try new and unique dishes that you otherwise wouldn’t make at home. Many of these dishes require cooking appliances and utensils that can’t be found in the average household kitchen. It might take a tremendous amount of planning and preparation, and you’ll probably be working with ingredients and methods you aren’t familiarized with. Reward your pallet with an unusual dish from time to time to keep things interesting.