If you’re looking to purchase a new pair of cowboy boots, why not go with the best you can get? Boots should be comfortable as well as stylish. Whether you’re wearing them for function on the farm or are strapping on a pair for a night on the town, check out these three popular brands of boots you’re sure to be satisfied with.

Johnny Ringo: By combining old-world craftsmanship with trendy styles, Johnny Ringo has established a brand that stands out from the rest. Leopard prints, two-toned flowers, and hot pink flames are just a few fun designs that this brand has introduced to the western footwear world. Johnny Ringo Boots are made from the finest leathers. Each pair of boots goes through a detailed process of manufacturing. Artistic designs can be found in each pair and colors such as teal, turquoise and bronze are popular. Flames, eagles, and even nature themes are part of many of the boot collections. The sole is built to protect the heel while it supports the entire foot and prevents damage that could cause back problems. Johnny Ringo Boots do not shy away from styles where other brands might. Large prints, unique color combinations and a variety of materials are all blended to create a signature look.

Cinch and Cinch Edge: Cinch boots have been carefully designed with time-honored Cinch style, and handmade from the finest 100% premium leather components available. They rely on old-world boot making techniques to deliver a boot with matchless quality, comfort and durability. Hand lasted craftsmanship, channel stitch insole, lemon wood peg construction, 100% premium leather makes these Classic Western Boots stand out from the competition.

Cinch Edge is at the forefront of modern design. Created to express the customer’s individuality, unique passions and interests, Cinch boots make a statement about the people wearing them. Cinch Edge draws inspiration from fashion, culture, music, art and life in their commitment to lead the industry in creating the best and most relevant designs for their customers.

Rod Patrick: Rod Patrick Boots are handcrafted cowboy boots that stand apart from the crowd. These boots are the perfect fit for the upscale western lifestyle. Cattlemen and women, ranchers, and landsmen love the superior quality of the exotic skins and authentic western detailing, which make these boots able to stand up to years and years of wear. The orthotically correct lasts make these boots mold to the foot to ensure the best fit possible. This great fit helps eliminate back and leg fatigue for all day comfort no matter where your day takes you. These boots will make you re-think your existing standard for cowboy boots. Once you slip a pair of Rod Patrick boots on, you’ll know that you’re wearing the very best cowboy boots on the market!

*Descriptions are official excerpts from the manufacturers